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Calling all sex worker artists!
For the 2022 Art Exhibition

Every year we invite sex workers from all over New Zealand, of all genders and from all parts of the industry, to join us in creating art for the Sex Workers of Aotearoa Art Exhibition.

Here's what you need to know:


Entries close: April 14th

Artworks due: May 12th

[Further information regarding delivery of artworks will be emailed to you]


A day in the life of...
What does this mean? Each year we encourage sex workers to create art around the central theme of 'A day in the life of' - this theme has been chosen because of its broadness and yet gives focus for the artist.

You can choose to depict any topic that affects your day to day life as a sex worker.


Entry fee is $45 - this is to help us cover costs of the exhibition.

- It is a one time per person fee, not per artwork.

- Entries are not accepted until the fee has been received.

- If for whatever reason you cannot afford the entry fee, we will raise the funds to cover this for you. This is the same for postage.


1. You must be a past or present sex worker and based in New Zealand to enter.


2. We ask that all art be no older than a year old. We prefer artwork specifically made for SWoA but if you have started an artwork in the second half of 2021 and it resonates with our theme, then you're welcome to finish it for SWoA 2022.

3. Artworks can be from almost any materials! Paint, pencil, pen, photography, video, stitching, installation, live performance, poetry, written, song, ceramic, sculpture.

- If you are preparing a performance, song, or poem we encourage you to consider showcasing it on opening night!

4. You must be the creator of the artwork, or if a joint work you both must be sex workers.

For example, if you wish to enter a photo and you are the model, the photographer must also be a sex worker. The photographer is the artist, regardless if you're the model.

5. All artworks need an artist statement of no more than 150-200 words to accompany them. Instructions on how to write an artist statement will be emailed to artists and help is always available.

6. All artworks need to be ready to hang or mount. Instructions on how to get artworks hanging ready will be emailed to artists.

7. A limit of 3 artworks may be entered per person

8. Please complete the entry form below once for each artwork
- if you have 2 artworks, complete the form twice!

[Got more questions? FAQs can be found here]

SWoA 2022 Entry Form

To enter, please complete this form. One entry per artwork please.

Contact Details

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