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Sex Workers of Aotearoa: A day in the life of

July 25th to August 12th

Depot Artspace, Devonport, Auckland


For 2020 we’re bringing this years exhibition to Auckland, hosted by the enthusiastic team at the Depot Artspace in Devonport. I implore you to take this opportunity to experience sex work as portrayed by sex workers themselves.

No two artists interpreted “a day in the life of” in the same way, and each artwork is a unique representation. Through a range of mediums, as diverse as the community itself, the nuances of sex work will be explored, as we ask the public to come behind the smokescreens, to listen to sex workers’ lives, and to see what happens when the ‘muses’ become the artists.

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Read on for articles and videos about the 2020 exhibition

Click here to see the winners of the People's Choice awards
Click here to read the public feedback about the exhibition


In Review


by The Indian News

Fighting stigma and stereotypes: All Day, Every Day​

The ongoing exhibition at Depot Artspace in Auckland, Sex Workers of Aotearoa – a day in the life of, is unique in every possible sense. While challenging the beliefs, the stigma and the stereotypes that surround New Zealand’s sex industry, it is also a behind-the-curtain into an industry still fighting for mainstream space, almost 17 years after the Prostitution Reform Act was passed in 2003, which decriminalised sex work in Aotearoa New Zealand.....


by Dani Molloy

The Artist and the Sex Worker


Despite working in the world’s oldest profession, sex workers have scarcely had the chance to share their own experiences of the job. 


In their art exhibition Sex Workers of Aotearoa: a day in the life of, Wellington-based sex workers Jordan Quinn and Addison Lane want to break down the stigma surrounding sex work by giving sex workers the opportunity to showcase artwork that they feel represents their daily experiences....


by Jordan Quinn

Challenging Perceptions one Artwork at a Time


Sex Work; an industry most often illuminated by media clickbait and sensationalist headlines. We’re represented by questionable TV characters and victims in Hollywood movies. Our existence has shaped history and we’ve been the muses behind infamous artworks. But how much do you know about the profession beyond the stereotypes? Maybe you know a friend of a friend who’s a sex worker, or maybe you’re secretly, perhaps even openly, one yourself....


Media courtesy of the Depot Artspace. Click an image below to view the video on the Depot Artspace facebook page

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Interview with Pandora Black

Screenshot (1281).png

Decriminalisation and Social Change

Screenshot (1280).png

Depot's Manager Tracey - Maori TV

People's Choice Awards

The people's choice awards was sponsored by the following businesses:


Eddie Monotone

Congratulations to the winners:

1st - Addison Lane; Redacted

2nd - Jordan Quinn; Me, Myself and Jordan

3rd - Aurora Dawn; Cinders

See the winning artworks

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People's Choice

Feeback: from the public

and the sex work communtiy

The following feedback has been collected by the Depot Artspace, SWoA feedback forms, as well as from social media.


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