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Sex Workers of Aotearoa;

 A day in the life of

June 11th to 26th

Academy Galleries


Running for its fourth year, SWoA was hosted once again in Wellington where it all began back in 2019!

No person experiences in the adult industry in the same way, and this was reflected in the diverse range of topics explored. From intimacy, empowerment, loneliness, objectification, to clientele, stigma, disabilities, and the male gaze, there's layers of this multifaceted industry to be explored with every art work.

The aim was and is to challenge public stigmas and stereotypes, to create discourse about the nuances of sex work and to give voice to sex workers across New Zealand, free from media agenda.


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In Review



How one exhibition is helping change the perception of sex work in Aotearoa

For Vixen Temple, sex work is a form of art.

The Wellington-based sex worker, artist and performer is part of this year’s Sex Workers of Aotearoa: A Day in the Life of exhibition, which opens at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts on the capital’s waterfront on Saturday.

It’s Temple’s second time showing in the annual exhibition, which is in its fourth year and displays art by current and former Kiwi sex workers...


by Jordan Quinn

Jordan Quinn, the curator of the Sex Workers of Aotearoa’s A Day In The Life Of, tells us about the challenges of presenting a sex work art exhibition and the censorship of sex work on the internet.

The LGBTQIA+ communities are no strangers to censorship; from “no homo laws” to same-sex relationships being deemed too explicit for TV. Even to the censorship of self, hiding who you are and what you really think, just to feel safe around certain people or in particular situations. Censorship takes many forms, some obvious and some subtle...

In Review

People's Choice Awards

The people's choice awards was sponsored by the following businesses: logo.png

Sea Ache

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Congratulations to the winners:


Third Prize

Maple Jane - "Between the Bookings"


Second Prize
Dripping Autumn - "Faceless"


First Prize

Amanda Jameson - "Bobbing for Apples"

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People's Choice

Feeback: from the public

and the sex work communtiy

The following feedback has been collected by SWoA feedback forms.

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