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Sex Workers of Aotearoa
2022 Art Exhibition

Running for its fourth year - Sex Workers of Aotearoa; A Day in the Life of - is an annual art exhibition in which all art has been created by current or past sex workers. The artwork is for sale, showcasing various mediums; photography, ink, paint, mixed media, cross-stitch, sculpture, poetry and more.

No person experiences in the adult industry in the same way, and this is reflected in the diverse range of topics being explored. From intimacy, empowerment, loneliness, objectification, to clientele, stigma, disabilities, and the male gaze, there's layers of this multifaceted industry to be explored with every art work.

The aim is to challenge public stigmas and stereotypes, to create discourse about the nuances of sex work and to give voice to sex workers across New Zealand, free from media agenda.

Details are as follows:


Academy Galleries
1 Queens Wharf, Wellington Central



June 11th to 26th

10am to 5pm daily

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This art exhibition is only possible thanks to the kind donations from supporters of our community.

Each year we create a Give A Little page complete with a list of what we're raising funds for.

Costs include:

- gallery hire

- promotional costs

- printing of advertising materials

- printing of the SWoA catalogue

- assisting those less able with entry fee and postage

- travel costs related to moving artworks

- AV equipment hire

- opening night food and beverage

Please give generously and spread the word about our fundraising page, so that we may continue to hold SWoA each year.


For 2022 the exhibition will be held at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington Central.

In order to run this exhibition we must install, pack down and mind the gallery each day, welcoming visitors and answering questions across 2-3 weeks.

We are therefore VERY MUCH in need of volunteers to help us!

Assistance may include installation, pack down, opening night preparations, and minding the gallery.

If you're able and willing to do any of the above, please let us know by clicking the button below!


Do you have a blog? A following? Are in the media business? Maybe a podcast? The newspaper industry? WE NEED YOU!

Help spread the word about SWoA 2022!

Or email to interview us!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In a sentence, how would you sum up the Sex Workers of Aotearoa art exhibition?

SWoA is an annual community art exhibition created with the aim of sharing sex worker stories and experiences, free from outside or media agenda.

  • Who can enter SWoA?

We welcome sex workers from across New Zealand to join us.

The only requirements are that

- you're New Zealand based

- you're a sex worker (past or present)

- you're 18 or older

  • Do I have to be out? What about my privacy?

SWoA has been designed in a way to ensure you don't have to risk your privacy or dox yourself to have your voice heard. When signing up for SWoA we ask for your working name only, no legal names. You then have the option to have your work displayed under your work name, an artist name or as anonymous.

  • I'm not a qualified or fancy artist, can I still join?

Yes! We welcome all skill levels. While SWoA is an art exhibition, the main aim is sharing our stories and experiences.

  • How do I enter SWoA?

To be involved in SWoA as an artist follow these steps

1. Register yourself and your artwork idea by filling in the registration form before April 14th.

2. Pay the entry fee $45 per person (if you require assistance with the entry fee choose this option when registering)

3. Complete your artwork and deliver it by May 12th.

  • When are the entries due?

Registration must be completed and entry fee paid before April 14th

  • When is my artwork due?

Artworks must be completed and delivered by May 12th.

  • What types of art is accepted?

We accept all mediums, including but not limited to;

- pen/ink

- pencil

- paint

- mixed media

- photography/videography

- writing, poetry, song

- sculpture

- ceramic

- stitching

and more. If you have an idea and are unsure about it, email Jordan at

  • How many artworks can I enter?

Up to 3 artworks.

[In the unlikely case that SWoA has an influx of artwork and is unable to display them all, your third work may be culled]

  • Is there a size limit on the art?

Although there's no set rule when it comes to art size, we do ask you to be conscious of space and other artists. Wall hanging works up to A0 accepted.

If your artwork is an installation or requires lots of floor space please email us to discuss

  • Do I have to sell my artwork?

That's up to you. You can choose the price for sale, or write NFS if you do not wish to sell your art. Be conscious when pricing your artwork and allow for the galleries 25% commission fee. If you're uncertain on what to charge for your artwork, email and we can help you price it.

While SWoA does sell artwork every year, we cannot guarantee that yours will sell, in which case the art will be returned to you.

  • What is an artist statement?

An artist statement is a paragraph of 150-200 words, that is displayed alongside your artwork. It is a verbal representation in support of your work, that gives the viewer additional understanding.

  • When is opening night?

Opening night will be held on June 11th.

All sex workers and members of NZPC are welcome.

In order to make the opening a safe space, we kindly ask that no clients attend.

  • Why is my artwork due 4-6 weeks before the actual exhibition?

Each year SWoA creates a catalogue of all artworks, artists and statements. In order to photograph each artwork, collate the information, create a catalogue and get it printed then delivered in time, we require all art to be sent in by the selected date.

  • How can I get a SWoA catalogue?

All artists will receive a free copy of the SWoA catalogue.

All donors to our Give A Little fundraising page (of $20+) will also be given the opportunity to have a complimentary catalogue sent to them as a thank you.

Remaining catalogues are for sale for $20 each during the exhibition


Have a question that's not answered above?

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