SWoA 2020

Dates and Locations

Unfortunately, due to Covid19, our grand plans for a nationwide exhibition have been crushed! However, the show must go on, and for that, you can catch SWoA 2020 in Auckland July 25th - August 12th!

June 2020 - Wellington - CANCELLED

July 2020 - Christchurch - CANCELLED

July 25th to August 12th 2020 - Auckland - The Depot, Devonport

Entry Dates and FAQs



Frequently asked questions

Who can enter SWoA?

SWoA stands for Sex Workers of Aotearoa - therefore to enter you must be 1. a Sex Worker 2. a New Zealand based sex worker 3. 18+ years old

What kinds of art can I enter?

We encourage a range of artworks in all mediums, from photography, video, paint, drawing, mixed media, installations, print, poetry and more.

How long do I have to enter?


How many artworks can I enter?

A maximum of 3 artworks can be entered. In the event that SWoA receives an over abundance of artworks, the 3rd artwork may be culled.

When does my artwork need to be completed?

The due date for artworks is June 18th.
This is the FINAL DATE to get the artworks to SWoA in Wellington or Auckland.
Artworks delivered after this date will not be accepted.
Delivery instructions will emailed to participating artists.

Does SWoA have a theme?

Yes. The theme is "A day in the life of-" You're free to discuss any topic from your day to day experiences, whether it be about your day as a sex worker or outside of your work.

Do I have to write an artist statement and how long does it need to be?

Yes. Each artwork requires a 100 word artist statement to be printed and displayed alongside the artwork. Longer artist statements up to 400 words, will be printed in the SWoA catalogues with the artworks. So if you're a wizard with words, just remember to have 2 statements, your long one for the catalogue and a summarised 100 word version for the gallery.

Can I enter a pre made artwork?

We encourage artists to create works specifically for SWoA 2020, however you may enter an artwork up to a year old if it relates to the theme "A day in the life of".

Can I enter my artwork into Auckland only? (Or Christchurch only, or Wellington only)

No. The SWoA 2020 exhibition will be travelling as a whole. You must have your artwork delivered to Wellington no later than May 12th 2020. Your artwork will be shown in Wellington for June, travel to Christchurch for July, then to Auckland for end of July/August.

How can I get my logo on the SWoA posters and flyers?

SWoA is offering a branding exchange for agencies and companies wishing to help fundraise! See the table below for what your donation could get you, or follow this link

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